November 2017, Malaysia, Kuala-Lumpur
With the assistance of Innotra LLC, Kember Associates Ltd., (UK), and Micran (Russia), held negotiations in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and signed a memorandum of understanding with ITRAMAS Co., (Malaysia). Potential areas of cooperation were outlined. (Photo)

September 2017, Vietnam
Dr. Alexei Danilin took part in the Russian-Vietnamese Intergovernmental Commission for Trade-Economical and Scientific-Technological Cooperation. (Photo)

June 2017, Moscow
Innotra LLC started recruiting a team of Russian specialists to participate in the development of Axbio Inc.’s (USA) new portable sequencers NGS (Next-Generation Sequencing). Site-directed mutagenesis began.

April 2017, Moscow
Dr. Alexei Danilin took part in the Russia-Indonesia Business Council ( held in the Embassy of Indonesia to the Russian Federation.

March 2017, Moscow
Negotiations between the Management of Innotra LLC and Axbio Inc (USA), led to an agreement on assistance to Axbio Inc in the incorporation and development of biotechnology businesses in the Russian Federation.

February 2017, Moscow
Negotiations on cooperation between Micran and IMT RAS ( were arranged and held with the assistance of Innotra LLC.

February 2017, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Negotiations were held between the Managements of Cornoustie Company (India), Kember Associates Ltd. (UK), Micran and Innotra LLC on the promotion of Micran’s products in the Indian market.

December 2016, Leuven, Belgium
As the result of Innotra LLC’s two-year hard work towards the creation of a Mini Fab for prototyping and low-volume production of 28 nm design rule VLSI and SOC in Russia, the management of IMEC (, MIET (, ZNTC (, Zelenograd Development Corporation ( and Kember Associates Ltd ( signed a MoU to start a joint infrastructure project.