December 2016, Tomsk, Russia
Dr. Alexei Danilin became a member of program committee of the International Conference for Nanotechnologies in Electronics, Photonics and Alternative Energy, 7th Nano and Giga Forum, Tomsk, September 2017.

October 2016, Moscow
Innotra LLC started analyzing latest developments in the field of new generation sequencers.

September 2016, India
In the course of a business trip to India (Bangalore city) Dr. Alexei Danilin took part in negotiations with a number of interested Indian companies concerning Micran ( participation in joint Russian-Indian projects.

September 2016, Malaysia
Dr. Alexei Danilin and Peter Kember (Kember Associates Ltd.) in Puchong City (Malaysia) participated in the negotiations with the QC Scientific Company for Micran ( product promotion in Southeast Asian markets.

July 2016, Moscow
Innotra LLC started promoting the Medical Implant Coating Technologies Project.

June 2016, Moscow
Dr. Alexei Danilin became a member of the Photonics Materials Inter-Industry task force.

May 2016, Moscow
Innotra LLC organized a meeting of Angstrom Centro Holdings Company (USA) and Syntol (Russia) management. The possibility of cooperation in the field of instant diagnostics of diseases on the basis of biochip was discussed.

May 2016, Moscow
Innotra LLC has prepared negotiations with the management of Si2 Microsystems (India) and Micran (Russia) companies.