November 2015, Moscow
Dr. Alexei Danilin received the Gold Medal of the European Scientific-Industrial Chamber.

November 2015, Moscow
A joint team of specialists from technical universities, the Academy of Sciences and private companies united by JSC Innotra in 2014 carried out a number of works for the development of a beta voltaic battery based on a Ni-63 isotope radiation source. Model experiments resulted in a patent application and an article sent for publishing.

June 2015, Moscow
JSC Innotra conducted analysis of the efficiency of investments in tantalite development and tantalum production.

May 2015, Moscow
JSC Innotra developed a concept of Russian trusted MiniFab for customized VLSI and SoC manufacturing and prototyping.

March 2015, Moscow
24.03.2015 Dr. Alexei Danilin within the framework of the13th International Exhibition «New Electronics-2015», participated in a roundtable on «Import substitution in electronics and microelectronics».

March 2015, Moscow
19.03.2015 JSC Innotra took part in the IV Annual Partner Conference of the Russian Venture Company (OJSC RVC).

March 2015, Moscow
03.03.2015 Dr. Alexei Danilin on behalf of JSC Micran participated in a meeting held in the Federation Council on the subject of «Import substitution: support of the domestic manufacturers of high-tech products».

January 2015, Moscow
14.01.2015 Dr. Alexei Danilin took part in a meeting on innovative policy «Industrу round table for cooperation with the European Union».