1. Analysis of the market, including
    • Existence of a market for your product or service.
    • The size of the market in cost value terms and trends of its development.
    • Market segments.
    • Key players and their market shares.
    • Identification of key competitive advantages of your products or services.
    • Barriers to entry to the market.
    • Strategies of entering the market.
  2. Identification of potential intellectual property rights, patent search, registration and filing of a patent application.
  3. Search for potential consumers of products and services. Conclusion of agreements of intent to purchase products, services.
  4. HR
    • Project managers.
    • R&D managers.
    • Sales managers.
  5. Search for the partners for the project realization. Assisting in the identification and registration of a legal partnership.
  6. Business planning
    • Development of the conceptual business plan.
    • Development of the business plan according to demands of the potential investor.
  7. Assessment of risks and the risks metigation.
  8. Working up the project presentation.
  9. Search for investors.
  10. Assistance in concluding an agreement with investors.
  11. Search for executors for
    • Customized R&D.
    • Creation of new manufactories.
    • Upgrading the existing manufactories.
  12. Search, purchasing and supplement of domestic and imported industrial, research and analytical equipment.
  13. Recruiting and training for existing and new manufacture.
  14. Customized monitoring of developments in science and technology.