— As a shift for the dominating in the industrial XX century man-to-technics relation comes the post industrial -XXI century man-to-man relation. In the new economics, a significant part of the national production of high-tech commercial products were integrated into the global economy and became contract manufacturing, or in other words the service providing. The most successful companies are the ones that in the shortest possible time can enter the market with it’s demanded innovative products. Today, these are companies not only without their own production, but often without their own development centers. The main assets securing their maximum capitalization are intangible assets, based on knowledge of markets and trends, as well as high technologies and basic directions of development of applied science. In these conditions, the important role is played by small companies communicators that integrate academics, manufacturing, business and the State activities. A passport to success of these teams are sociability and tolerance.

Innotra LLC is company communicator on the market of consulting services in the field of innovative high-tech business since 2004.


Business area

Consulting support for the establishment and / or business development in the area of design and manufacture of alternative energy sources, efficient energy supply systems as well as radio electronic devices for these systems. Creation of partner alliances and assistance in entering into the markets of Southeast Asia to Russian companies.



What we do

  • Facilitate the customer’s business by including external resources.
  • Integrate all kinds of skills in a single system for the most rapid and effective solutions.
  • Combine a wide variety of people to achieve their common goals. There are no national, departmental, social, professional, gender and age boundaries and barriers for us.


How we do it

  • With the customers help we do business systemization of his resources, we find and integrate all of the necessary external resources for the tasks, including: professionals and organizations, information about markets, products, services, technologies and research developments, as well as investors. If necessary, we coordinate the course of work on behalf of the customer.
  • We make a comprehensive examination of innovative projects including: staffing for the project, the presence of prospective markets, scientific – technical and patent expertise. Evaluate the economic viability of projects.


Who are our customers

  • Marketing agencies, which needs new customers for customized market research;
  • Owners of innovative elaborations, interested in their commercialization;
  • Initiators of the new manufactories, which need qualified staff, modern technologies and equipment, as well as those who are faced with the challenge of the existing manufacturing upgrading;
  • Investors who need prospective projects.


Company Innotra was founded on October 13th, 2004