October 2019, Moscow
The leadership of the CyberSecurity State Company (Malaysia) visited the Russian Federation. The TSEA (Technological Sovereignty Export Association) leadership organized guests business meetings with representatives of leading domestic companies in the field of cybersecurity. The possibilities of practical cooperation between the Russian Federation and Malaysia in this area were discussed.

September 2019, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
ITRAMAS Company, TSEA and Innotra LLC organized and conducted the Russian-Malaysian Conference on Cybersecurity, Smart City and E-Government – Sharing the Russian Experience. (Photo)

July 2019, Moscow
As a result of a series of negotiations organized by Innotra LLC between the ITRAMAS Company (Malaysia) and the national champion T8 Company ( and on the basis of market analysis conducted by Kember Associates Ltd (UK) ( the Russian-Malaysian joint venture in the field of fiber – optic communication Quanteq was established in August.

June 2019, Moscow (Ministry of Economic Development)
Innotra LLC and the TSEA ( organized and held a Russian-Malaysian business meeting in the field of information and communication technologies. The Malaysian delegation was headed by the ITRAMAS Company ( Following the results of the business meeting, trilateral documents were signed (between TSEA, ITRAMAS and Innotra LLC) including Memorandum of Understanding and Memorandum of agreement, in accordance with which Innotra LLC was appointed as Project Operator of the Russian-Malaysian Projects.

March 2019, Malaysia, Kuala-Lumpur
Dr. Alexei Danilin made a presentation of the project of International High-Tech Cluster (IHTC) based on ecosystems approach for the leadership of the China Rainbow International Investment Corporation ( and the ITRAMAS Company

October 2018, Moscow
Forum “Open Innovations” 2018. Dr. Alexei Danilin took part in the RVC panel discussion “Career Building in Tech Business”.

October 2018, Zelenоgrad
The Russian electronic industry development model proposed by Innotra LLC was accepted by the State. The development model is based on the infrastructure which includes the Association of Design Centers and MiniFab as the core of the infrastructure. A consortium of microelectronics Design Centers was established.

September 2018, Moscow
In accordance with Order No. 3276 of August 21, 2018, issued by Denis V. Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Dr. Alexei Danilin was included in the interagency workgroup for interdepartmental microwave photonics coordination program project development.