Valery Yu. Kireev

Well-known specialist in the development of new technological processes and equipment for ion and plasma processing of semiconductor electronics materials.

Valery Yu. Kireev developed a large number of technological processes of vacuum-plasma etching and deposition of various functional layers used in integrated circuits and microelectromechanical systems.

He is the author of the plasma chemical etching theory, methods for the calculation and testing of the technological parameters of operations and parameters of plasma chemical etching and ion sputtering equipment.

Under the leadership of Valery Yu. Kireev, project start-up and technological development of special equipment sets for the first Russian trusted mini-fab has been implemented.

In the last decade he has been successfully working in the research of nanotechnology fundamentals based on which he proposed and experimentally implemented a number of technologies of materials and structures with unique physicochemical properties.

Valery Yu. Kireev, Ph.D., and Dr. of Science is author of 6 monographs, over 130 publications and more than 40 inventions.

He is the author of textbooks and he reads special courses on processes and equipment for micro and nanoelectronics and the fundamentals of nanotechnology for students of MIET, MIPT and MEPhI and staff of microelectronics product manufacturing enterprises.